Quality is remembered much longer than price – a quote that is the motto of the successful Gucci brand. The pursuit of quality has become a fundamental impetus in our company for its rapid growth. Quality in the case of absorbers is primarily about the stability of the level of spill absorption. That is why we work with selected suppliers of cellulose fibres, laminates and other important components that can offer us high and stable quality. In addition, we check each batch of purchased raw material in detail.

veriom producent absorberów

The entire Veriom workforce is involved in the processes of maintaining and improving quality. We are aware that even the smallest, seemingly insignificant change in the manufacturing, packaging or storage process can result in a significant improvement in quality. Therefore, we try to involve not only, as is perfectly understandable, the company’s employees in quality processes, but also, which is not always so obvious, external business partners. Together, we develop tailor-made solutions for our specific activity. In this context, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the right selection of machinery corresponding to business goals and features of final products.

What makes us different?

The company’s efforts in the pursuit of ensuring the highest, stable quality of solutions offered have been acknowledged by the BRC certificate at the AA+ level obtained by Veriom.

Veriom’s rapid growth has not gone unnoticed by the business community. Puls Biznesu admitted us to the elite club of Business Gazelles, and Forbes magazine presented us with its Diamonds.

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