We care about the environment

In response to the challenges of sustainable use of increasingly scarce natural resources and the circular economy, Veriom proposes several solutions. However, one should be aware that absorbent pads, after absorbing enzootic substances, are an extremely difficult environmental case. This is because they cannot be integrated into the recycling cycle and their composting can only take place in certain industrial composting facilities. Thus, they will most often end their lives as so-called mixed waste, which, however, does not in the least exonerate manufacturers of meat absorption pads from their duty to search for environmentally friendly materials.

Diverse environmental solutions

Veriom offers several solutions that correspond to different approaches to ecology. These can be absorbers with only cellulose fibres as an absorbent layer. They can also be super-absorbent absorbers that leave the smallest carbon footprint, due to the absorption efficiency measured gram for gram. In both of the above cases, laminates designed for composting are used: either special paper grades or films with bio-composting certificates.