About the product

We distinguish between two types of ecological absorbers: 100% bio-compostable, laminated with waterproof paper or bio-compostable film. In this case, the highest absorbency currently available is 1200 ml/m². The second type is absorbers consisting in 93%-95% of bio-compostable materials with the highest standard absorbency of 5000 ml/m². Non-standard absorbencies are available on request. Cutting to size from 80x80mm to 600x600mm.


Ecological absorbers

  • Absorbency: 550 ml/m², 800 ml/m², 1000 ml/m²
  • Size: 60×60mm to 600×600mm
  • Lamination: single-sided, double-sided. Paper or OK Compost Home film
  • Additional features: perforation, laminate colour on request

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