The Verisorb® Fruit ECO™

It only takes a short trip to a local supermarket to become aware of the amount of plastic used in modern day packaging. Sometimes this packaging seems heavier or more complicated than the actual products. For an average supermarket, even over a short period, this packaging can weigh several tons. If one adds to this that many plastics can take a few thousand years to degrade and ending up in the oceans create huge “garbage islands”, it becomes clear how urgent it is to find solutions which ensure the packaging itself does not cause even bigger problems than those it tries to solve.

The Verisorb® Fruit ECO™ rootstock is a logical attempt to overcome these challenges. Made from 100% sustainable forest cellulose, it turns into a very fertile compost after only 6 months composting. On this compost other plants can grow releasing vital oxygen and absorbing CO₂ from the atmosphere. The Verisorb® Fruit ECO™ absorbent combines all the advantages of ecological packaging solutions with those of traditional fruit absorbers;-

  • Absorbs ripening or transport / handling seepages.
  • Protects and safeguards against damage.
  • Limits growth of mould, bacteria or fungi.
  • Enables attractive and customer-friendly product presentation.
  • Ensures micro-ventilation and cushioning.
  • Provides a safe, environmentally friendly and fully bio-degradable solution.