About Us

Our adventure with the packaging sector began in 2015 as an importer and distributor of packaging materials. In 2018 we started our first absorber cutting line and since then we have developed into an integrated producer of complete absorber solutions. Our absorbers are used with food grade MAP, VAC, heat-shrink and “skin” packaging and are medical sector approved. Production is in a separated “clean” area meeting BRC certification standards. We have dedicated lines for lamination, length and width cutting and can produce either on rolls or customer defined sizes or shapes. We have unique internal systems for transport, finished product packaging and off-cut waste handling.

Our company arose through a sense of passion and commitment developing knowledge and experience. The driver and inspiration of our development was and will be always our clients and it’s from them that we have learnt and continue to learn the nuances of this business. In the initial stage of our development they showed us how to handle leakage absorption and together, through a multitude of tests and adaptations, we developed unique solutions individually tailored to specific client product / packaging combinations. We can never understate our gratitude and respect for our present and future clients and we would like to thank you very sincerely inviting you to work with us.